Thursday, April 1, 2010

always a proud moment

when it is late and i am feeling guilty about not doing whatever the thing was that month. and then i get up and do that thing anyway! i just love when i can muster up the motivation to do that. to shift that moment. last night, i was sitting here with jamie and wanting to go to bed. really wanting to sleep. and i knew it was the last night of painting. and as much as i have loved painting, i had not done it for a couple days. so, i sat here. and then i got up, turned the tv off (only cause jamie wanted to, sometimes i actually like having it on in the background, well, i think i do and then when it is quiet with it off and i am painting...i do like that. so thanks, Jamie) and got out the paints. i am a little stuck on the peacock feathers, not sure how to get the thin feathers well defined. it doesn't look finished to me, but i will have to do some research at some point to figure out a technique for that. so i worked on the other piece with the palm trees and what were eyeballs, but turned into clouds. i like it. and there are parts i don't like. jamie was playing his guitar while i painted and i was thinking how changeable his art is...he can redo something over and over if it doesn't turn out the way he wanted. but with painting, once i put paint down on the canvas, that's it. it is there, no going back. and you have to work layer by layer, or colors will mix that maybe you didn't want to mix. my mood this morning is making me think of all these analogies to life. one thing at a time, one layer of our selves at a time, be in the present...or things can get all messy and mixed up. let each thing come to completion, each new self discovery have time to settle in...
or make something new and beautiful out of the mess. that is always an option too.
whatever works.
have a great thursday people...
oh...and about the yoga. i will do a DVD this morning, Rodney Yee, my old standby from years ago. so i can go and do easter eggs tonight with the kids and grammy. then tomorrow start at a studio. still sussing out the styles and pricing. and glad to have another day to think about it. money may be the deciding factor, as it often is round here...and me and rodney may get very close over the course of the next month! haha

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