Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the eating hour(s)

i guess i'll blog, since all i want to do is eat. always these hours after getting home from getting the kids from school and until i have "something to do"...these hours are filled with me wanting to eat. and looking around my house at all the things i should be doing, but not feeling motivated to do those things. well, i did fold 4 or 5 pieces of laundry. so there.
jamie just left for yoga. i can't believe it. this is his third time since sunday! good for him. i will be going later tonight...the 8:30 class in bellevue with dina! it'll be so fun to go to a class together again. and besides, between you and me, sounds like she needs all the help she can get to get her ass there! :) jk....i love you, dina! as much as i want to see dina, it really is a logistical thing. i didn't think jamie would be home in time to get to the 5pm class. and then there's baseball practice for levi and marriage counseling for us. yea, life is full of things to work out...and even more when you are working them out together, for 14 years! and! which, i think maybe be helping more than the therapy. i'm just sayin'.
well...levi told me i look like i have been on the computer too long. my face is all droopy and eyes are big and saggy. i hate to admit it, but he is right...i guess i have been avoiding my life here online for the last hour (except the part where i have been blogging, that is part of living my life.) geesh. back to laundry. who knew i had a spare hour in the day. with this newfound hour and my new strong will and "english bulldog" determination (what bikram says you gain from his yoga)...i could accomplish a lot with that hour!
aha! a new challenge!
ps...i am afraid growing my own food month in may is going to be B O R I N G! what am i going to write about? oh, i think the basil sprouted. no, that was a blade of grass. maybe tomorrow. what a cliffhanger!

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