Friday, April 2, 2010

yoga, date #2 with Rodney

some friends never change. it has been about 7 years since Rodney and i have hung out, and he has not changed a bit! Power Yoga for the whole body DVD has been my yoga for the past 2 days. i love it. i am sure a studio has its positives. but i like the ease of doing it when i can, in my home...even if i have my kids and three others here, i can still do yoga! i feel stronger already, could it be? or just my imagination? dina's hot bikram yoga sounds great. the challenge part of it is what interests me. it is always a good feeling to get through something you never think you can get through. my yoga is hard, for sure, and a challenge at times...but nothing like maybe i'll pass out! wow. you go girl!
so here's Rodney...
we practice in hawaii, on the coast. it is gorgeous!

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Anonymous said...

That sexy pic of Rodney makes me want to go to the beach!