Friday, April 2, 2010

Yoga Day 2! I did my second hot yoga class and let me tell you what a difference a day makes. Today totally rocked...this may be it people..this may be it! It was a fantastic experience to make such huge gains today. I did it..the whole class without stopping or having to break. I would not say that I am a yoga expert but I made it through the whole class without stopping..did I already say that. It was so powerful and I felt so strong. I was in total control of my breathing and my movements...felt so good. My body is intensely sore but in that feels so good it hurts kinda way. Todays class was a combination of being still but yet still moving and working my ass off..literally! I love the intense challenge of it and having a full class around me really makes me push push and push harder. I could really see this as my thing...I LOVE IT! I also really like that Melissa and I are both enjoying this is fun to see us both succeed. In my head I look like this... So...I know that itis just in my head but I would love for my arms to look like that...something to work for. I am going back tomorrow:) The studio I am taking at is I know I should really try other kinds of yoga and I think I will but I am just into this right now so I am going to stick with it. Ian and I are doing some traveling this month so I will need to research my yoga plan when we are on our trip...hmmmm. Just a side not and a plug for some friends from Madeline's school who just opened a drop off childcare center in Issaquah called Adventure Kids. My girls went while I was at yoga and they loved it. I was not sure what to expect but the price was good..they played, made crafts, made pizza and were really sad to leave. I think they are a franchise so check one girls will definitely be visiting again! Feeling Happy Today! xxoo-Dina

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