Monday, April 19, 2010

don't go so quick, april it already the 19th? really?
only 12 more days of yoga?????????
this weekend i went to the Sweatbox right here in capitol hill. i love how close it is. yea, especially cause on friday...i was rushing to make the 6:30 in west seattle, there was traffic, and then parking was difficult...i almost missed my class. they let me in between first and second sets of pranayama breathing. how lucky was i? so, having the Sweatbox so close does cut the time commitment a little bit. they have a beginner special...10 classes for $10! these classes must be used in 10 consecutive days. and if you love it (that could be me) you can buy into a 2 month unlimited membership for $199. which is a great deal...considering most unlimited 1 month are around $140. so...i think the plan is to do that if i can afford it within 8 days and then use my free gift membership after that. if i can't afford it...well, then, i got that month at Breathe hot Yoga. i am lucky! and every class, when the end has come and we are in savasana...if my mind wanders and starts thinking about plans for later or stresses or anything outside my mat...i just bring myself back by focussing on how grateful i am that i got to go to yoga that day. how fortunate i am that i was able to give my body, my mind, my spirit that gift.
jamie went with me on sunday. he did so good! he never even took a break during the poses. but after class he had a hell of a time. i looked back as i was getting up and i could tell he was not doing so hot. he was very close to passing out, he looked like he had tried to stand up, but had to kneel back down and keep his head low. i left the studio to get him some electrolytes and brought back into him. still took him a bit to actually stand up and make it out to the lobby. we made it home and then after we got some food in him, he was loving everything. he was on the bikram yoga high. he said he felt like there was more space between his vertebrae and he must be taller! ha! :)
this week is going to be interesting. with both of us wanting to go to yoga, and the sweatbox has fewer times that work for us. already toady and tomorrow are like...well, maybe only one of us can go. how do i not go? how do i not let him go? generous. selfish. taking turns. i think i need to let go of the labels, first of all. to the day. kids to school, work...and then maybe jamie and i can do poses and have the kids judge us and give us scores...the highest score goes to hot yoga today. :) hmmm, what pose could i kick his ass in?

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