Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 6

So this is hot yoga day 6 and I am talking 6 in a row. I feel good. I like going...it is challenging and a good workout but really other than that I don't feel that different. I was kinda thinking I was doing something wrong. Melissa has had all these crazy feelings since going and me well nothing..kinda wish I was! It has been nice mixing up my workout routine but I am starting to miss the gym so I think I will need to find a balance between the two. Not sure how that will be possible...this yoga thing is expensive and I think to keep my membership I would have to give up my gym membership and well I am not willing to do that. It may not matter in the long run anyway since we may be making some family changes. I think for now I will finish out this week with hot yoga and I did schedule 3 yoga sessions during my trip with Ian. I am excited to try something different. This finding balance things has been really in my head this past week. I am just not good at balance and moderation. I am so all or nothing. I think I am going to try hot yoga and then I have been 6 days in a row. I think I am physically unable not to go or then I may feel really sick. Maybe finding a passion for me is not a great idea since maybe that is all I will do. I am really going to work on trying to find some balance with things and also learn to be happy in the space that I am in. I have worked really hard to get myself in good shape and I do feel happy but when will it ever be enough and when will I stop being so hard on myself? I don't know..I am totally rambling...and really working on this seems harder than just going to yoga everyday so for tonight it is the 8:30 class! xxoo-Dina

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