Tuesday, April 13, 2010

still going...

so, even though jamie has been gone (he comes home today! yea! and i am not just saying that cause it means going to yoga is easier!) even though i go at the last class of the night and i never would have stayed up that late to go to the gym every night. (and i should mention, i skipped american idol last night for yoga...shallow of me to need to mention, but that is one of those things i filled myself up with, like food) i still have been able to keep going to bikram yoga. a big thanks to friends that have watched my kids while i went the past week. it truly means so much to be able to go. i have also discovered other moms at my kid's school that go. and last night, i had a friend go with me...it was her first time. she did amazing!
it was kinda a hard class for me. it felt really hot at points, like a little too hot (usually i love the heat and feel like i could use some more.) and it was my first class where i had a moment of dizzy. during tree pose, i attempted to go into standing toe pose, and it did not feel right...so i came up and perhaps too quickly because i had some overwhelm with a hint of dizzy. i rested. i did the rest of class and that all felt great. i was shaky after class as well, and that doesn't usually happen these days. but then after sitting and talking to my friend jen and having an emergen-c...i felt much better. i actually felt really good after just a sip of the emergen-c. oh, and i almost did standing head to knee pose, with the leg extended, and that is saying a lot for me in just 9 classes!
i am continuing to read from Bikram's book. i am on ch. 6, where he gets into the poses..describing each one, giving tips and explaining what physical benefits you are gaining. which reminds me, lately the past couple classes i have heard the teachers talking about some of the poses releasing toxins...squeezing the toxins out of your organs. and i have to say, i feel like that is truly happening...on the physical level and also deeper and more emotional.
well...off to get the kids ready for school. have a good one!

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laksmi said...

I think shaky is good. It means you worked. Sometimes it means you shook something loose a little bit--the kundalini wakes up a bit. Sometimes I am shaky in headstand or shoulderstand--legs start shaking. that feels like a message from brain to body that didn't quite get sent and received right. Keep up the good work. I do Iyengar, btw, and you might want to try his latest book, Light on Life, after you've finished Choudry's. It's very inspiring.