Saturday, April 17, 2010

Home Again

Ian and I are back from our trip and I am having a difficult time getting back into my normal routine. I have not been to yoga since we got back ( I know it has only been 2 days) and I really feel guilty about it. I have not really wanted to do anything...sleepy from the long flight and basically spent yesterday at the passport office. I think we basically took the last flight out of Europe and am so glad we missed this volcano travel craziness. I am going to go to Bikram tomorrow morning and I am very much looking forward to it. I enjoyed my Geneva yoga...kinda makes me think I should try something besides hot yoga...I really do love it but something about learning exact position and posture when you are not dealing with being hot. I was definitely sore so I think it was an excellent workout. I may continue with the hot yoga this week and try something different the week after. whole life is about to change and once things are finalized I will tell more. I think I will need the yoga for some serenity during times of crazy stress and figuring things out. I feel like I am about to start a new chapter in my life and I am glad to have this blog to keep me connected and giving me something to work on. Here is a pic of Ian and I in our home away from home. Geneva is the most beautiful place ( chocolate, bread, and wine...what could be bad) and I wish you all a chance to visit there and explore for yourself! xx00-Dina

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