Sunday, April 11, 2010

International Yoga

Good Afternoon from Geneva! Ian and I are on a work/play trip to see how we feel about the city of Geneva. There is an opportunity for us to move here for a few years and we are here to see if it will be a good fit for our family! So far so is so beautiful! The people are nice, town is easy to get around, and just an overall amazing feel. BUT....this blog may go international but we need to chat about the important stuff this month YOGA. Even if we move..I am determined to continue my passion finding mission so this morning Ian and I took a private yoga class with our instructor Alexy at yoga-swiss. It was Ian's first time and he did great. It was a really small studio that he opened just for us since well nothing is really open on Sundays. It was nice to have a private lession and have someone really show you correct positions and movements. Also nice to practice in a room that was not 105 degress. I was really proud of Ian and I for navigating our way around to find the studio...we really flet like locals. Can you imagine that on this amazing trip my priority was to find a place to take yoga??? I am going to take the group class on Monday and Wednesday. I also think it helped me get over my jet lag some..I feel much better today. Here is the website for the yoga class...good information about the instructor. He was very welcoming and it was fun! Well, Ian is about finished getting ready and we are heading out to check out a few schools for the girls. We have some pictures that I will post soon! xxoo-Dina

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