Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bees, Booty and the Circus

By Amy Baranski

About a week ago or I was at the Urban Bee Co. happy hour. Urban Bee is me and my husband's adventure into urban agriculture. One of the hive hosts - Jessica - was there. I actually installed her hive this year. She has an embarrassing video of me shaking the bees out of the package (yes they came from a package) and getting stung. After watching the video I realized I was really stressed out and am now really calm around the bees. Anyway - I forgot what Jessica does and so asked her again at happy hour--somehow thinking she was involved in the circus. (I live in Seattle people, these kinds of things are totally in the realm of possibility). It just so happens that her sister was involved in the circus...a local circus (no longer together) called Circus Contraption. They were local, small, gritty, melancholy, flexible and real.

And for our next trick we will fly on the trapeze!
Circus Contraption was one of my favorite local acts in the early-mid oughts and headlined one of the best Halloween parties I've attended. It was in the hangar at Sandpoint--the tall ceilings were splendid for their aerial act. That year I dressed as a "Twister Sister" with my friend Karen. We wore Twister boards and bed sheet skirts (hey we were on a budget) and played Twister during the party. People loved it. The costume idea spawned from an epic game of twister Karen and I had once played at the Sky Gypsy Palace (an old farmhouse where a bunch of Slam poets and artists used to live located behind Broadway). Karen's twister style was more yoga while mine was more b-girl, as someone described.

Anyway Circus Contraption played great gypsy circus style music. I've always wanted to learn a concertina or an accordion (must be my Easter European roots). Maybe next year (even though Melissa and Dina already picked "learn to play a musical instrument" as an activity last year). But, as Melissa said the other day, with this blog we can really do whatever we want.

Back to Jessica. She runs Southside Booty Camp. I've heard of this but had never gone, or even on Facebook. She mentioned that there was a free intro class (this morning). So I signed up with Melissa. We got back not too long ago. I slept really fitfully last night and have been awake since 2 a.m. afraid I would miss my alarm at 5 a.m. and not feeling too great from the Mexican food I ate last night.

The booty camp is at 6:15am and is typically held in the park, but on the colder days of the year it cozies up in the Russian Cultural Center on 19th Avenue, just a skip from my house. It's a physical fitness regimen that focuses on cardio and strength building. Typically each day (it runs Monday through Thursday) is focused on a particular area: upper body, lower body, or cardio. Today we focused on lower body with cardio. It kind of reminded me of gym class, or sports practice. I felt totally awkward and uncoordinated. Five days off of yoga and I'm am oddly shaped smurf again. But I really liked it. I guess I typically like anything that is physically challenging. I like thinking that the body (like ones vocabulary) can be altered and improved no matter what age you are. There's always a starting place.

It looks like a first full session for the booty camp (which is a four week period Monday-Thursday) is $240. I wonder if I can swing that. The aerial and trapeze classes are so expensive. I'd be more likely to go to Booty Camp becauase it's outside, it's personal (smaller classes) and it's not a gym. When we start spending money (which we have a lot) on activities realted to this blog it really gets my thinking about what I will choose next year. More on that later...now me needs food.


Cassandra said...

Glad you liked the booty camp! I haven't tried a boot camp style workout. Right now I'm doing the P90X program, finishing up week 2. Ouch. :P

Good luck with next year's list! I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with.

Melissa Baumgart and Amy Baranski said...

My cousins do P90X! Total OUCH on the booty camp too. I can finally walk up the stairs (or at all) without hobbling.

We just had our first flying trapeze class last night. Working on a post right now to share what it was like!

Thanks for reading Cassandra! - Amy