Monday, November 21, 2011

I am going to do it again!

My first jump off the edge.
posted by Melissa Baumgart
I have been busy trying to organize a Flying Trapeze Party.  Can you believe it?  I am going to do this again!  I am going to climb that ladder and jump off the platform again!  And this time it will be with a bunch of our friends.  After my experience, I really wanted to share it with everyone.

I am nervous to do it again, of course.  But I am also excited.  I am looking forward to "hopping" off the platform without bending my knees.  I am looking forward to keeping my toes pointed and legs together and actually getting my knees up onto the bar so I can hang upside down.  And getting to see a bunch of my friends try their hand at the trick too!

Perhaps I am working through this fear of heights thing.  I guess we'll see next time I face that ladder and the tiny platform with no railing.  I wonder if I will have that familiar tension throughout my body, that urge to cry and wish myself away from where I am.  Or, if I will feel that tension release a little and feel a bit of joy swell in my chest instead of dread sinking down.

I may have a couple of chances to find out.  Here's what we have lined up...

Upcoming aerial and trapeze happenings:

Friday, 11/25:  Beginner Aerial Class at Emerald City Trapeze.
I will learn more on silks, and hopefully be able to climb a few feet up the silk.  I have been going to yoga almost everyday, in the hopes that my strength will be increased before class.  I will also get to try tricks on the static trapeze, the hoop, and the rope.

Saturday, 11/26:  Flying Trapeze at SANCA.
I am not sure if it will be me or Lily joining Jamie, Amy and her husband, Bob, in class that day.  I want to do it again, but I also want Lily to give it a try (before she has to do it in front of our friends.)  I am just nervous that she will chicken out.  I wonder if she does, if I can take her place...

Tuesday, 11/29:  Flying Trapeze Party at SANCA!!!
Like I mentioned, even if I don't get to fly on Saturday, I'll get to go again on Tuesday.  Me, Jamie, Lily and Levi will all get to give it a go.  Unfortunately, Tallulah is too young.  She'll get to watch everyone, which I am sure will be very entertaining for her!

The only thing we didn't try that I was thinking about was aerial yoga.  Maybe I can squeeze it in somewhere.  Maybe.



Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa, as I read this particular blog and later thought about it some more...I want to say...feel blessed you live a wonderfully full life, enjoy :) Love you Mom

Melissa Baumgart said...

Thanks, Mom! Love you too!