Thursday, November 17, 2011

Your ability to be extraordinary

"Le Cirque" by Georges Seurat
posted by Melissa Baumgart
"We each have the ability to be extraordinary as human beings."

This was one of the last quotes said on the documentary, "Circus."  It was said to sum up what the message of the circus is to the people that come to be entertained by it all.  I would agree.  I feel totally inspired by the circus; the trapeze artists, the jugglers, the tightrope walkers, the clowns.  They dedicate so much time and effort to their craft, and the payoff is incredible.

This is the same feeling that inspired and continues to inspire my commitment to this blog.  We get to try so many new things, so many things that in the past I would have only given lip service to.  I can just hear myself saying to others at a party or sitting around a dinner table, "Oh yeah, I totally want to try the trapeze.  We should take a class one day.  Let's do it."  And then sadly, it would never happen.  Either time or money or both would become my excuse.  

Now here I sit, nervously anticipating, yet again, another attempt at something I am terribly afraid of doing.  But still something that, at one point of time, I thought sounded exciting and fun.  Probably because it was a thought, not likely to manifest in any real tangible future.  Because of the blog, because of my promise to  myself to follow through with every month to the best of my ability, I will be hanging from a high trapeze in little more than three hours.

You never know what new thing might just be the thing that you want to give that kind of dedication to.  For me, it could be yoga.  Sure I leave, but so far, I always come back.  And when I am in that room, I (almost always) give it everything I have.  Or it could be circus arts, after our aerial class Amy and I were very excited about trying it again, maybe practicing and getting better and better.

Maybe you already are extraordinary.  Or maybe you are still searching for a way to surpass limitations you have chosen to put onto yourself in this lifetime.  I say join us.  Find a friend and start your own "Good Luck with That!"  Pick things that you are afraid of, that excite you, that inspire you, that fill you with joy.  The best part is that you'll be trying 6 new things you may have never thought of.  And what's more?  You might just LOVE one of them.  After all, Dina picked yoga!

If you take on the pledge to join us, please let us know.  We love to hear your stories too.

And now, off to worry about the trapeze and how high it is for the next 2 hours and 50 minutes.

For real, wish me luck!

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Cassandra said...

I hope your trapeze class went well! I'm looking forward to hearing all about it. :)