Saturday, November 5, 2011

Monkeying Around

Emerald City Trapeze,   Seattle
posted by Melissa Baumgart
Yesterday Amy and I went in search of monkey bars.  

My thought was that we should try something that would be somewhat like aerial, hanging from something using our upper body strength.  Monkey bars seemed like the best option: free, close location, and maybe not too many people in the middle of a school day to make fun of us.

We tried Miller Park, one black away.  No luck, there weren't any monkey bars!  The only thing close was a small triangular metal zip line to hang on, and that didn't go well.  It was raining, and I felt defeated, in many ways.  I could barely hold myself, simply hanging from this metal rod...let alone think about lifting my body even a millimeter.  How was our first aerial class going to fare the next day?

In search of monkey bars, we set out for Cal Anderson Park.  I knew for sure there were monkey bars there.  Tallulah adores the act of going back and forth, back and forth, across the monkey bars.  From watching her, I assumed it was easy.  I mean, are kids that much stronger?  Or is it the difference in their proportions?

Down where all the magic happened today.
We got there, found a sweet parking spot and headed to the playground.  There was a guy standing on top, yes that's right, on top of the monkey bars.  He appeared to be smiling, dressed somewhat dirty, holding a skateboard in one hand and holding the other arm out like he was flying.  When an airplane flew overhead, his arm would raise, the smile would widen and I can only assume that he felt like he was flying.

Amy and decided, I think wisely, not to ask him to get off of the bars so we could sadly attempt our pre-aerial workout.  He was most definitely high on something, and I did not want to be the monster ruining his special flying trip.  So, Amy and I left, before we had to call 911 if he were to slip upon take-off.  Seriously, he would have really hurt himself.

Instead of monkey bars, we came home and did some push-ups, arm exercises with free weights and watched some videos on "what to expect at your first aerial class."  Which we just finished an hour ago today!

Think it was torture?  Or joyful?  Inspiring? or Frightening?
More on that tomorrow....

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