Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Lesson in Comparisons

posted by Melissa Baumgart
I found a few videos online of a song I remember from my childhood.  I don't recall where I know it from, but as soon as I heard it, the chorus came rushing back.  Here are a two I want to share.

This one is like Lily on the trapeze...well, minus when Bruce drops the F-bomb:

And this one is like me.  Now, may I remind you, I don't think this one is bad per se, just different.  but very special nonetheless.  Like seeing your kid at his first middle school band concert kind of special:

I love it.  Both of them.  And there a ton more on You Tube...lots of beautiful versions of this magical song, "The Man on the Flying Trapeze."  And tonight it is inspiring me (Bruce's version) to pick up that accordion again!


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