Thursday, January 12, 2012

Publisher's Clearing House is the WORST

May hope rise in you, like the sun
on this beautiful January day.
posted by Melissa Baumgart
I am starting to agree with Amy.  Although I do win at least one dollar, two dollars, even up to twelve dollars on the scratch-offs often, I am not landing any sweepstakes wins.  I get emails from them every day, alerting me to all the winnings that are imminent if I just do X, Y and Z.

Publisher's Clearing House is the WORST!  Every single day I get multiple emails from them, asking me to use their search engine to be entered into some new, awesome, huge sweepstakes.  One day it was because my initials we MB, and someone with those initials was going to win big.  Today I received this exciting news:
Dear Melissa Baumgart,
When you search today, you will be assigned a SuperPrize® Number in the winner selection range! 
Only a SuperPrize Number in the winner selection range can win a life-changing Publishers Clearing House fortune, awarded by the Prize Patrol on February 29th!
Search now to enter and ensure conveyance of a SuperPrize Number in the winner selection range to YOU, Melissa Baumgart.
Plus, when you search you could even win a PCHSearch&Win instant cash prize. Melissa, your prompt action could win you cash on the spot! 
Time is of the essence because Publishers Clearing House will soon be taking a "Special Early Look" for a SuperPrize winner from Giveaway No. 1830. You could Win $1 Million Every Year For Life in just weeks, but in order to be in the running, it's imperative that you enter. Waste no time, search now. 
Good luck!
They lay it on pretty thick; a FORTUNE,  CASH ON THE SPOT, IMPERATIVE.  I feel swindled and lied to, their graphics alone tell me that nobody is winning anything.  And I didn't even give them any money or buy any of the damn magazine subscriptions they inundate you with when you enter, and still I feel like they got the best of me.  Like I am a rat on the wheel of their money making scheme.

I can't help but think I have better things to spend my time on than clicking to win, filling out long surveys for a chance to win $1,000 or more (or less), and searching endlessly online for more things to win.  I really had high hopes for this month, and I am reminded again of my idealistic nature.  I always assume that I will win, that I will succeed and prevail.  So far, that is rarely true (poker, bowling, trapeze).  In the end, I am thankful that I still maintain a positive and hopeful outlook every month.

And 'til the end of January, I will also maintain my sweepstakes entering.  You never know, right? (here I go again.)  They have to show up at someone's door!  When I am not wasting my time filling out entries, you better believe I'll be in front of the mirror freshening up for my big TV debut.  Good thing I have been flossing, so when I smile from ear to ear with my huge check in my hand, I won't have spinach from my smoothie all stuck in my teeth.



Cassandra said...

Eek! That does not sound like fun. I don't like entering drawings and such that require that I DO a bunch of stuff. Drives me crazy...

Have you guys tried Swagbucks? I use their toolbar for normal, everyday searching and win points once every day or two. Those points add up and I buy Amazon gift cards with them. I average one $5 gift card every month for doing nothing but using their search engine. I've opted out of most of their emails so I receive one newsletter a week. That's it.

Good luck sticking it out the rest of the month!

Melissa Baumgart and Amy Baranski said...

I'll look into Swagbucks. Thanks! Sounds simple and effortless.

L said...


I came across your blog in a search result on Google. I see that your post is from the beginning of the year, I was just curious if you are you still entering? I voted for the PCH Giveback for St. Jude's and I have been entering since. I have been getting annoyed at their messaging. I am realistic about the odds but I feel similar to you about their messaging tactics. Why should you have to click through products and ads to enter a sweepstake? Why don't they guarantee the prize they advertise? I also haven't purchased anything from them. I've always been hesitant of them because of their reputation but I figure, it wouldn't hurt to enter since it is free and I actually also did win twice on PCH slots($5 twice) since entering. I feel though like why am I doing this? Actually, I just unfriended them, I became a PCH superfan. I wasn't sure I wanted associated on my facebook page originally but thought well what if I won, I could double my prize and I end up feeling somehow pathetic for entering?!?! It's weird. I'm not throwing away money like on the lottery(poor man's tax), and yet somehow the whole process makes me feel cheap and like a loser. I am also college educated. It's hard to describe it but you have summed up how I feel. Also, I too was thinking well maybe I should just keep entering until the next draw date, just in case. Then I am like OMG what am I thinking?? I think I am just going to stop entering. Wondering if you did or not? Hopefully you see this and update. Sorry for going on and on...L

Pauline said...

OK PCH I'm going to give it a try, I'm going to do my Best! I'm soooo really looking forward to becoming your Winner on Feb. 28th 2014, this would be a GREAT HONOR!!!!!!!!! Wish me luck.... $1,000,000.00 A Year "Forever", oh yes....

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to feel the same way. Every day dozen emails with instructions. I am sure someone wins but its not me and probably won't be. I believe, but this is getting to be bore some. I have bought a few items, not magazines I have enough of them coming in my home. AT NO COST. I am about to give up. Good luck to the person or persons that do win.

pauline mcpherson-thomas said...

PCH would u be so kind and Activate-register 1830/3080 Win $5/k A Week, " Forever" Prize on February 28, 2013, pls pls Activate, thnx Pauline....

Anonymous said...

I just hope i get luckly

pauline mcpherson-thomas said...

PCH i want to Win $5,000.00 A Week "Forever" on Aug. 29th gwy no. 3080.... Make me ur New Winner!!!!!!!! said...

How come poor people like me never win?