Friday, January 13, 2012

Beautiful (not Sleepless) in Seattle

Cal Anderson Park this morning.

posted by Melissa Baumgart
It has been so beautiful in Seattle this week.  Clear skies with mountains out all around, pink and orange fuzzy sunrises and ice crystals covering all the plants making them more magical than they already are, growing in the cold winter.  I drive 20 minutes to school and back these days since I had to take a couple classes at a different campus, and Mount Rainier has been gorgeous.  And on the way home at night, the full Moon is mesmerizing.

I try to capture some of it with my iPhone camera, but usually I am driving or not in a good spot to catch the entire view.  I wish I had more time to get to a good view point so I can share the vistas with you all, but you'll have to just take my word for it.

Catching up with Dr. Oz and my intentions for following through with my word, I have to say that it is going really great.  I have flossed my teeth everyday!  (I know some of you are probably thinking, gross!  You didn't before?  And the answer is a shameful, no, I did not.  Yeah, gross.  but I bet there are more people out there like me than you think and if I can change one person into a flosser by admitting my previous grossness, then it's all worth it!)  In fact, I got a great tip form a friend (and local dentist) Ken McNabb.  He posted a "how-to" video on flossing on his website and it is great.  I had no idea, that when I did attempt to floss in the past, I wasn't doing it correctly.  Clink on the link and listen for that squeak!

I also called an old friend, well, OK, not so old.  But I am working up to that one.
Frosty Cauliflower on the walk home from school.

I have been drinking green tea.  Even when it tastes disgusting.  Do people really like this stuff?  I
suppose it could be an acquired taste.

I have not had a lunch out, And I have had healthy snacks on hand.  I have been eating more fruit, well, if I can get to it before my kids eat the entire supply from our CSA box in one day!  Seriously, do your kids eat 5 pieces of fruit in one evening?  What an expensive habit.

I have been getting enough sleep, and enjoying reading in beda t night to wind down.  I have kept an eye on portion size, and no, not to make sure I get more.  To keep it reasonable, even when I had french fries the other night.  Wow, that was difficult.

What I have not done:  (yet!)

  • Say no.
  • Stretch.
  • Meditate.
  • Memorize a poem.
  • and maybe one more that I don't really feel is necessary to talk to the whole WWW about.
Attempting to capture Rainier, and
no, Dad, I wasn't driving.  Not me.
I wouldn't do that.  I was stopped at a red
light on the on-ramp.
Off to school to finish the 20+ pages of Statistics homework I have to turn in today.  Luckily I only have 5 more problems to do, I have been keeping up with more than then Kardashians lately.  

Have a great Friday!  And if you're lucky, maybe you'll find your way to a Bingo Hall tonight, I know I am going to try my best to get there this weekend before the snow comes!  That's right, they are calling for snow in Seattle!  Exciting!



sophanne said...

Dad says, "as long as you were stopped..."

Melissa Baumgart and Amy Baranski said...

That's why I wrote that ;)