Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Have a Spinach-Blueberry-Green Tea-Smoothie for Brunch!

posted by Melissa Baumgart
Talk about swinging the pendulum.  How do I go from squirting mayonnaise tubes onto tater tots to creating spinach smoothies with green tea like I am some new age health nut?  Next thing you know I'll be meditating with Jamie, or worse, having hours transcendental sex with him like Sting and his wife!  JK.  (Sorry, Jamie)

But first, a scratch-off update:
I spent $7.00.  I won $5.00.  Statistically speaking, this scratch-off effort is not working out in my favor.

This is my brunch, and it is working out in my favor.
Three handfuls of spinach, one pint of blueberries, one banana and a cup of green tea with ginger.  Blend in a blender until smooth and drink.   

I suppose a Vita-Mix would be better, but my Osterizer blender got it drink-able enough for me. 

Finished product.  Drink it up!

Oh, and I have not heard back from Publisher's Clearing House, nor any of the other sweepstakes I have entered.  Could you imagine if they showed up at my door like they show on TV!  And I answer it with a green mustache from my brunch smoothie!  That would be awesome.

Crap, I just realized I forgot to stretch this morning.  Here I go...
Cheers!  -Melissa


sophanne said...

Oh how I love sweepstake month picture!,,,,

When blogging during sweepstake month, might I suggest that you properly link to all things you wish you had...e.g.vita-mixer just in case a gambling family member hits the jackpot and feels generous. That hasn't happened but maybe put it out there just in case

Cassandra said...

mmmmmm... I love green smoothies! My favorite is bananas, raspberries, spinach, and a tiny bit of water to start the blending process. Yum, yum! I never thought of adding green tea. Sounds good!

Melissa Baumgart said...

sophanne, Thanks for the picture accolades. It's that iPhone with it's fancy camera apps. Yes, since Amy got her Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker, I have been thinking about putting a "Wish List" out there!

Cassandra, Mine was pretty good. I usually prefer to use yogurt too, but with no dairy, I left it out. And I love HeathForce Nutritionals Vitamineral Green powder, but I am out, so spinach took it's place.
I can't say I tasted the green tea, but I got one of 18 items in anyway!