Friday, January 13, 2012

Ch Ch Ch Changes

By Amy Baranski

This guy right here won me a dollar.
Today things are changing at work. The person I report to is moving on to a different role at a different company. I've worked with her for six years and I can only describe our working relationship as some kind of Vulcan mind-meld. I don't like to write about work too often but for today it seems fitting. It's been an extremely busy week with lots of transition meetings, and housekeeping items, trips out to Redmond over the 520 bridge (which is now tolled) and back again. You can actually bypass the toll by taking the bus. And if you have an Orca card provided by your company then they pick up the cost.

So there hasn't been a ton of time to spend scouring the internet for sweepstakes or contests, nor time to do coupon clipping (nonetheless shopping), and today I have visitors coming in for the weekend. They are some of my favorite people in fact, and I can't wait. There has been time to buy more scratch off tickets and lose, and time to buy a Mega Millions lotto ticket with my husband Bob, and also lose. We matched only one number last night. Apparently there was one $10,000 winner and several thousand $2 winners. The game is rigged.

I asked Bob last night how we'd spend $10,000. I mean we always talk about what we'd do with our millions but we never talk about more reasonable and manageable amounts. Would I feel happy to win $10,000 or would I feel upset that my luck was spent on winning a smaller ticket? I guess I'd feel happy. Ten thousand free dollars shouldn't be a burden.

Well, I guess I should finish cleaning all the things...just thought I'd check in.

What do people think of this sweepstakes month? Are you enjoying it as much as I am?

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