Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Winner x 2

posted by Melissa Baumgart
I found an old scratch-off ticket in my back pocket this morning.  Yes, after, I found my purse right where I had left it.  (Perhaps I am lucky afterall)  The ticket turned out to be a $4.00 winner!  So, I hoofed it over to the local "Everything Store" up the street to cash in for my prize.

Then what?  Buy more tickets, of course.  This month is awesome, I have an excuse to play the lottery!

Turns out the two scratch-offs I bought were both winners as well.  One for $1.00 and one for $5.00.  I hope I am as lucky with the $1.00 left that I spent on the PowerBall.  And don't tell, but I got an extra lottery ticket, a Hit 5 ticket.  Both drawings are tonight, and you'll hear either way.

Here's to hoping I win more to pay for the textbooks I have to buy.  What the hell happened since I was in my undergrad?  Did books really cost $150.00 - $250.00 each back in the 1990's?  I don't think so.  But then again, I went to the #1 party school back then (although I have found no such reference on the world wide web), so maybe I just don't remember.


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