Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Readers' Choice: you pick 1 of my new things

By Amy Baranski

It's that time of year, mid-January, when Melissa and I prepare to reveal our list of 12 new things that we will set out to accomplish for the rest of 2012.

This time around, I'm changing it up. I'd love your help. I'd like to give one of my choices up to you--the readers!

Care to decide my fate for one month in 2012?

I'm already using a reader's suggestion (from a comment thread in October) for this year. And I'd like to open up one other spot on my list of six things to try, not only to your suggestions, but to your vote.

So, what are your suggestions? What should it be?

Here's how you can play along:

1) Suggest something by January 18.
2) Write your idea in the comments of this post, or on Facebook. (Suggestions must be made publicly).
3) I'll select three, at my own discretion, and put up a poll on the blog for you to vote.
4) Whatever suggestion gets the highest votes will be placed on my list.
5) If there's a tie we'll flip a coin.

Sound fair? Sounds totally disastrous to me, so let's do it!

For reference, here's the list we made for 2011.

Of course in deciding these new things here is what I ask you to consider:
  • Is it exciting?
  • Is it reasonable, for a 30 days?
  • Is it a small thing with big impact or a big thing with small impact?
  • Cost.
  • Location - can I do it in Seattle?
  • Would it make a good blog post?
  • Does it lend itself to a good photo shoot opportunity?
Okay - have fun, suggest away!



Bob Redmond said...

Do I get a vote? If so, I suggest...

Clean something every day! Just kidding.

OK, cook gourmet meals! Wait, you already do that...

OK, in the spirit of the "finding bliss" origins of the blog, how about learn a musical instrument? At the end of the month, of course, you need to hold a recital.

And I still like that going to different churches idea...


jude said...

Hi, Sarah. I am an old friend of your hubby who now lives in Vermont, so I have never met you. My name is Jude and I am also married to a Bob. My Bob is always learning new things so a couple of suggestions easily came to mind.
Learn to make your own pickles.
It is amazing how easy it is to make a bottle of them that you are going to eat right away. The whole canning/pickling aspect is unnecessary. If I remember correctly, your Bob really likes pickles?
Second is making your own kimchi. This is not very difficult either.
Perhaps you mastered both of these things already but if you haven't I think you'll enjoy doing either since you already have experience urban homesteading.

Good luck with it.

Cassandra said...

I asked my husband what he thought and he suggested that you guys paint a mural. He said it's doable in 30 days.

I had two ideas... Are you familiar with geocaching? I love it! All you need is a smart phone and the free app. 30 days to find as many geocaches as possible, taking pictures along the way. It would be a lot of fun!

My other idea - get involved with politics for 30 days. Maybe volunteer some time to work for a candidate doing election stuff. Or write letters regarding issues you care about. That type of thing.

Oh, a third idea - web design. I think I'm going to tackle that one next month. I want to overhaul my blog so I was thinking about spending 30 days learning basic CSS, web design, etc.

Good luck!

Melissa Baumgart and Amy Baranski said...

Thanks everyone! Even if your suggestion didn't make the poll we were inspired by all and are looking for ways to incorporate your ideas in our other items. But for now:

The poll is up! Vote on what you'd like to see us do for 30 days in 2012. The winningest vote will make the list. Poll is open until Sunday Jan. 22, 6:00pm. Thanks again to everyone for suggestions. -Amy