Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Riding the Tiger of Success

Posted by Melissa Baumgart

When 2015 came around, I got together with a couple girlfriends to set intentions for the new year.  We each shared our progress for the past year, shared where we were emotionally and spiritually, and then stated what we wanted for ourselves in the year to come.  I am so grateful to have friends like this in my life and, in fact, a day does not go past where I do not get to have a conversation with a girlfriend about these very things.  Eternally, I am grateful for my friends. They love me unconditionally, no matter what, and walking through life with that love makes all the difference.
At the end of our evening, we did a tarot card reading with the Osho Zen Tarot deck.  The card I drew that night that stood out to me was "Success".  On the card is a man riding a tiger.  He is high on life.  The card interpretation reads, "Because of your willingness to accept the recent challenges of your life, you are now -or soon will be- enjoying a wonderful ride of the tiger of success.  Welcome it, enjoy it, and share your joy with others - and remember that all bright parades have a beginning and and end.  If you keep this in mind, and squeeze every drop of juice out of the happiness you are experiencing now, you will be able to take the future as it comes without regrets.  But don't be tempted to try and try to hold onto this abundant moment, or coat it in plastic so that it lasts forever.  The greatest wisdom to keep in mind with all the phenomena in the parade of your life, whether they be valleys or peaks, is that 'this too shall pass'.  Celebrate, yes, and keep on riding that tiger."

Since that day, the tiger has been a very important symbol in my life.  I often think of Bikram's words, "Bengal tiger strength" and I picture my tiger protecting me and imbuing me with his power, confidence and courage.  I also try to to remember that I won't always be riding the tiger.  Sometimes  a tiger sits and waits for the most opportune time to pounce.  That quiet time doesn't need to be interpreted as low and depressed, it is what it is, simple and still.  It has purpose.  Every moment of your life has purpose, whether it feels like you're riding the tiger or waiting in quiet stillness.  Every moment is worthy and valuable. 

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