Wednesday, February 1, 2012

12 New Things for 2012

2 friends, 12 new things, 1 year to try them all!
posted by Melissa Baumgart & Amy Baranski

A new year begins today!

Over the course of this past year we unintentionally discovered that the motivating force driving the blog has shifted from finding that one passion to opening ourselves to new experiences and challenges.

In the words of octogenarian protester Dorli Rainey's hero: "Whatever you do, take one more step out of your comfort zone."

You're Invited 

One of the best parts of blog has been reader participation: from your comments to your suggestions, and your cheerleading, we love it all. As Melissa chants: I like it! I love it! I want more of it!

Each month this year we will post a poll where you can pledge to join the month's new thing. Think of it as a symbolic act  among our blog community to inspire all of us to keep stepping out of our comfort zones.

How many of these 12 new things would you take on?
  • February: Read a Book a Week (Amy)
  • March: Water Aerobics (Amy - suggested by Ann)
  • April: DIY Home (Melissa)
  • May: Fishing (Melissa)
  • June: Teach Your Husband How to Cook (Amy - Suggested by Jamie)
  • July: Paint a Mural (Voted by the readers! Suggested by Cassandra)
  • August: Photography (Melissa)
  • September: Tennis (Amy)
  • October: Sign Language (Melissa)
  • November: Hanging Out in Cemeteries (Melissa)
  • December: Stand-up Comedy (Melissa - suggested by Natalie and Sarah)
  • January: Walk-a-thon (Amy)


Henry said...

OMG. At first glance I thought May was a little :)

Henry said...

The internet has ruined me.

Ann said...

People! I love it. I will do some water aerobics along with you, maybe read some books, and I have to say I love "walking around in cemeteries" month. I had a similar idea I was going to give you, but then it just seemed too weird -- I recently realized I live in the central district and have never seen Bruce Lee's grave and I also don't know where Kurt Cobain shot himself...both right in my neck of the woods, right? So I got to thinking I need to explore the history of Seattle's dead people...but walking around in cemeteries just sounds way better. 2012 is going to be awesome.

Melissa Baumgart and Amy Baranski said...

Thanks for your enthusiasm Ann! So loving the water aerobics suggestion. You know Bruce Lee (and Brandon) are buried just right up the street from us. We should organize an outing to Lakeview Cemetery and take it in. Also of note, is poet Denise Levertov, and several of Seattle's pioneers. Plus, November 1 is day of the dead, hopefully we can find some DOTD celebration opportunities. -Amy

Melissa Baumgart and Amy Baranski said...

It's a dangerous world out there Henry. Stay strong.

Shawna said...

There's some great stuff in there. I feel inspired by photography, sign language and hanging out in cemeteries (have always loved the feel of cemeteries, particularly the old sections.) Painting a mural sounds intimidating by myself, but would find it fun to do with others.

Amy Baranski said...

Shawna - glad you like the list! Another ASL enthusiast may come in handy - perhaps we can all practice together.

For some unknown reason painting a mural at first seemed really fun and easy. Then, the more we've thought about it the more challenges and impossibilities seem to surround it.

Perhaps we can make it a group venture for those interested. Melissa had a great though about finding a wall that's destined for demolition which could give us inexperienced muralists a chance to paint something. I like the idea, now to figure out how...

Amanda said...

I am IN for the cemetary walk about!