Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A year in review: forage now, save for later

By Amy Baranski

Foraged Seattle blackberries.
One of the great aspects of this blog is reaping the benefits found during one month just five months later. For instance, the other morning I enjoyed a bowl of plain whole yogurt, cashews, and frozen blackberries. The blackberries were from our September forage last year. YUM.

Today, as I'm feeling nostalgic about my first year with this blog, Good Luck With That, I'm making my own granola (another hat tip to urban homesteading month). A huge thank you Melissa for adding that to our list last year and even asking me to participate in this whole blog adventure!

In fact I have to say that a lot of things Melissa chose last year for the list ended up being things I really enjoyed and turned into months well spent. As I sit here with the sweet smell of honeyed oats toasting in the oven, I find myself reflecting on the past 12 months, and several moments stick with me that I will always treasure:

Morning granola.
I could probably list the time that we attended Saul Krotki's class and became the Intergalactic-be-yourself-association, or the intense moments in the Sweatbox, or anything from aerial trapeze month, or a million other moments. But, by and large, and I find myself most drawn to the activities we did outdoors.

I wish there were more time to build on these adventures, but I suppose we'll do that in new ways for our new year, which I'm very excited about. It's hard to say goodbye to such an amazing year with a new friend. But, it's so fun knowing that we get to start a new adventure again. What will 2012 bring...? Stay tuned we will announce our new list shortly!

Thank you READERS, family, friends, neighbors and especially Melissa and the gang for letting me into your lives this year.

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