Monday, February 6, 2012

Where is my Reading Rainbow?

Posted by Amy Baranski

My unread books, given, borrowed, purchased.
If I were following my own advice right now, I wouldn't be blogging. But I need to blog. I haven't provided an update since we launched the Read a Book a Week month, which, as it so happens, was my brilliant suggestion.

Why haven't I been more enthusiastic about this? Goddammit! I'm a reader, I swear! I'm just currently disguised as an instant streaming Netflix junkie jonesin for my next fix.

Are you people out there watching Damages? Glenn Close is so good.Hated her in The Big Chill. Hated the Big Chill. I unapologetic-ally loathe that movie. Loved her in Fatal Attraction. Realized I didn't even know her until Damages. It's that good.

My blogging partner has provided lots of motivation. She's been really engaged in her book, reading every day (or so it seems) and even texted me at some point today that she finished! Yet here I am with the task of reading 150 pages tonight (yawn I'm already so exhausted) and another 100 tomorrow. What was I thinking?! Really, Amy? I feel like a truant, without any weed.

Work expands to the time allotted.

The current state of my desk. Top o' the ice berg to ya.
Didn't I make that very statement when blogging about how I resolved to work at warp speed in 2012, which now sounds like the STUPIDEST (sorry for using that word, Ty) New Year's resolution.

And really I'll I want to do is write a complain-y blog post about all the reasons that have kept me away from the Elliot Bay staff-recommended, so-called page-turner--the title of which I think is called Man in the Woods by some writer with Spencer and Scott in his name, the order of which I'm not sure.

I've been doing so many things and really it's not my fault that I haven't created any "flow" experiences around reading. I've been diligently engaging with my community--both online and in person. I've been answering my door when people knock or ring. I've answered my phone, listened to voice mail messages (something that makes me cringe the older I get), responded to text messages, set up dinner dates with friends, cooked almost every meal with whole foods, tried to develop a Twitter habit with all my 10 followers, dismantled my home: sold furniture, sorted through things I don't need to make room for things I do need...which yes includes more books--ones I will read.

Well it's 10:30pm, about two hours past the time I've been sacking out lately. I've spent the past hour or so composing this utterly fantastic blog post. One of my best ever. I suppose, that after I finish writing (if that's what you call this) and listening to my recently downloaded album, Surf Noir by Beat Connection, I'll try to read a little more. But that means laying in bed which means inevitably sacking out and leaving 250 pages for tomorrow. Which, in all likelihood, I'll do.

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