Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Let's Read!

Posted by Melissa Baumgart and Amy Baranski
In honor of Reading a Book a Week Month, we did our monthly photo shoot at one of the most beautiful buildings in Seattle, The Seattle Public Library.  The angles, the colors, the all came together and ignited our inspiration to read all month long, at any moment.  Perhaps even on an escalator!

We hope you feel inspired as well.  Whether you read books all the time, or you haven't read a book since Wuthering Heights in 9th Grade; we invite you to join us on this challenge.  Both of us have not read as much as we would like to in recent years, so if this isn't in your comfort zone, you're in good company.

On the side bar of the blog, you'll find a poll.

If you're in for reading a book every week, simply click on the "Yes!"  We can all share in the inspiration from the increasing numbers of fellow readers out there.  Feel free to share your experiences, joys, failures and thoughts in our comments or on our Facebook page.
Reading can evoke facial expressions.  Intense and relaxed.

Here are some suggestions for those joining us:

  • Wednesday to Wednesday makes up one week.   
  • You can choose any books you like.  
  • Some people will just read and read and read, without the need for any motivation.
  • Some people may find it helpful to divide their number of pages by 7, so they can see how many pages they need to read every day to stay on track.
  • Any other questions?....Just Ask!
Read on!

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