The List: 2012

Who: Two neighbors and friends Amy Baranski and Melissa Baumgart

What: Twelve months, each dedicated to a different theme. Six chosen by each blogger, with input from readers!
  • February: Read a Book a Week (Amy)
  • March: Water Aerobics (Amy - suggested by reader Ann)
  • April: DIY Home (Melissa)
  • May: Fishing (Melissa)
  • June: Teach Your Husband How to Cook (Amy/Melissa - suggested by Jamie)
  • July: Paint a Mural (Voted by the readers!)
  • August: Photography (Melissa)
  • September: Tennis (Amy)
  • October: Sign Language (Melissa)
  • November: Hanging Out in Cemeteries (Melissa)
  • December: Stand-up Comedy (Melissa - suggested by readers Natalie & Sarah)
  • January: Walk-a-thon (Amy)
Why: This blog started in 2010 with two sisters-in-law seeking what their hidden talent or passion might be. Amy joined in 2011. Over the course of this past year we unintentionally discovered that the motivating force driving the blog has shifted from finding that one passion to opening ourselves to new experiences and challenges.

In the words of octogenarian protester Dorli Rainey's hero: "Whatever you do, take one more step out of your comfort zone."

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