The List: 2010

How the Blog Began:

One night in December of 2009, at Slim’s Last Chance Saloon in Georgetown, the Rachel Mae Band was playing some good down home country music.  Jamie Baumgart was playing guitar and clearly having a really good time.  Melissa and Dina (Melissa's sister-in-law and first blog partner) were there to enjoy the music, and because Jamie is Melissa’s husband. 

The next morning while going over all the happenings of the night before, Dina had a thoughtful question.

“Why don’t I have something like that?” she pondered aloud.  “Jamie looked so happy up on stage, and I know he will play his guitar even if he is tired or busy, he always makes time for it because it fill him up.  It feeds him.  I guess it is his passion.”

Melissa immediately understood what she was talking about, she often thought the same thing as she would be going to bed late at night with the sound of Jamie’s guitar drifting down their long hallway.  She started brainstorming right away. 

How could they find out what their hidden talent or passion was? 

“Maybe we could get together once a month and try something new,” Melissa offered as a fun fix.  They buzzed with excitement over trying new things, and having a good reason to get together over the coming months.  And then, with the excitement growing, they stumbled upon the solution. 

“Why don’t we each pick six things, and try all twelve?  We’ll do one a month and we’ll have time to really get into each one.  And we'll get to try things we would have never thought of on our own.” Melissa said.

Dina countered, “And we should totally blog about it.  You know, to stay accountable, make sure we keep up with it.”

After a few more sessions trying to come up with the name, which came from Jamie….”Good luck with that!” he said one day while we were chatting about the upcoming year.  And there it was, the blog was born. 

Since then, Dina has moved to Switzerland and Melissa's neighbor and friend, Amy, has joined her as the new blog partner.

We hope you enjoy reading along...and maybe decide to join us in a few of our challenges!