Tuesday, May 18, 2010


the days in seattle have been sunny and warm the past week, and my garden has shown the benefits of such weather.  it seems only a week ago my seeds had not sprouted and now...everything is up and strong and gorgeous!  the other super cool thing about the garden and the weather is that everyone has been out tending to their plants, tilling soil and building trellises for their peas...together.  i love that about living in an apartment building.  in the city.  i have really been loving living here lately.  walking my neighborhood, going to the park, walking to yoga, working right up the street...and best of all, my building, the Boathouse.  and when everyone is out gardening together, talking about taking over all the grassy areas with growing food, laughing and sometimes just quietly working...it is a sense of community.  and it is a beautiful thing.  how lucky am i that the apartment building manager had these raised beds built for us, just in time for growing our own food month.  and that everyone i live with is into growing their own food too!

here is what i see when i look out my first floor window.

I hear there is a movie called "the Garden"  that documents a community garden in LA.  that is next on my netflix.  i loved Food, Inc.  and although it will be hard to figure out how to eat the way we want, due to finances, our plan is to sit down together as a family and work out the numbers.  ok, well, maybe just jamie and i will do that, not the kids too.  and i am continuing to read In the Defense of Food.  i have to say, coming off such a page turning novel, it isn't as engaging...more dry information.  but Pollan does as good a job as you can with the information, making it enjoyable to read.

next blog-night-out...is this Thursday @ Central Cinema.  movie - Fresh.  7pm.  food and wine available.

maybe we'll see you there!


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