Friday, May 21, 2010

what to be?

when i was little it was a candy shop owner.  and then in high school, and this is a little embarrassing to admit, i wanted to be the wife of a professional athlete...yea, i know, i was clearly moved by all my academic courses in high school. ha!  in college, it changed from teacher to social worker to writer.  post college and after my first pregnancy i wanted to become a midwife, then herbalist, and nursing was in there somewhere.  oh, and astrologer.  i get easily swept up and away by many things and i attach to each of them and picture myself being that, or doing that thing for a living.  as my offering to the community i live in.  and i guess that is how i found myself googling "how to become a farmer" this morning.

seeing that movie last night brought me closer to the thought that i have held far far back in my on a farm.  i love living in the city, but if could live anywhere would be a farm.  or maybe on the beach.  but back to the farm, cause that is where i have been all morning in my head.  the movie was called Fresh.  i highly suggest watching it.  from the gorgeous farm land in virginia to the urban farm in milwaukee, i found it to be moving and inspiring.  inspiring enough to have me thinking how i can contribute to this movement...even if i don't end up being a farmer :)  cause to be honest, last month i was thinking...."hmmm, maybe someday i'll be a bikram yoga teacher."  somehow i need to understand that i just can't do everything.  i think it is pointing to my saturn in gemini.  but that should be a whole other blog!

oh, and we went to the greatest little movie house.  walking distance from where i live, is the Central Cinema.  it has booth seating with a little table, and serves food and wine and beer.  we had a few small plates....pita with edamame hummus, red pepper jelly and a yogurt dill sauce, meatballs (from a local free range farm), and stuffed mushrooms.  everything was great.  i think jamie and i will go back for the showing of the Big Lebowski later this month.  and after the movie we had a cocktail at Tavern Law in capitol hill.  i had a great drink with tequila and red wine, i never would have thought of putting those togeher!  it was called Farewell Romeo, i think.

so...unless i figure out a way to become a midwife/herbalist that lives on an urban farm (and maybe has a beach house) and i write a book about it all...and stay youthful and healthy with my bikram yoga practice!...i guess you'll still find me at Rainbow Remedies pouring herbs from big bags into small mouthed jars and getting allergies from making teas.

now back to the laundry.

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