Wednesday, May 5, 2010

slow growing

seems seeds are slow growing. and yes, i did know that going into this. there isn't as much to write about as far as the process of growing food rained, so i haven't needed to water. and the sun comes out when it wants to...i have no sway there. believe me, these days, if it weren't for my darling seeds needing the rain, i have not been very happy with the weather. it has been cold too. but really, we had a pretty good winter, so who am i to complain? ok, who am i, cliff mass? onto other topics besides weather!
So, in lieu of boring you with the minute details of my seeds starting to sprout. (which, i could be crazy, but i did think i saw a few little dicotyledons...ha, i did learn something in botany!...standing just above the dirt this afternoon) (oh and ps...i don't know if i even used that word correctly in a sentence, all you botanists out there might be getting a good laugh) anyway, as i was sayin. i have some other ideas about this month. way back when i wrote my list, it included reading some good info on food, like Michael Pollan's book In the Defense of Food. a friend of mine said why bother, i know all that stuff anyway, but i think i'll find some useful new information. or at the very least, a new inspiration for refining my food choices and purchasing habits. i saw a show on PBS that was after his book, The Omnivore's Dilemma and it was really great. i highly recommend trying to watch that. so i am going to start that first book i mentioned as soon as i am finished reading the novel i am working on right now. which i have to say is SOOO good. A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. i suspect i will be finished with this one in the net couple days.
also, in the next few days i will be viewing the documentary movie Food, Inc. I'll let you know what i think of it. lots of food things coming up though. been thinking about sugar. and i read a little article yesterday about its effects on our body, really not good. really. and heard a bit on NPR today about soda consumption of kids. really? this kid they were talking to had soda in the morning before school, at lunch and dinner too. he said water didn't agree with his stomach, he needed something with more flavor. it is disturbing. and yet i have reservations from being some hard core "health nut." because sometimes when you take one stance it is as if you are judging the other. and i don't feel there is really a need for blame. aren't we all just doing the best we can? who know why that kid was hooked on soda like that. but i have to say, that when i started yoga and i cleaned up my wheat, no sugar, no dairy. i felt really great. and last thursday and friday, and most of the weekend....i had pizza, an egg bacon and cheese panini, and other such foods...and i felt sluggish, tired, and i really really wanted more and more and more of those foods. i think that i thought i used to feel fine eating all that all the time, that i had a really hearty constitution and could handle it. but maybe, maybe i didn't even know how good i could feel. maybe all my times of feeling cranky and depressed and apathetic could have been at least somewhat related to my food choices.
ok...enough babbling for now. just some food for thought, so to speak :)
good night.
maybe tomorrow i'll get some photos up of my little green friends...

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This is a former knitting blog I regularly visit that has now transformed into a blog I think you'll find interesting.

Food and choices and such.

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