Sunday, May 2, 2010

the beginning...

we got started today. we walked to madison market, our local co-op and bought soil/compost mix and seeds. with wagon in hand, we wheeled it all home. i have also been perusing the magazine my mom gave me, "Starting from Seed." with helpful hint on how to get this whole process underway. now we are warming up inside and watching the Mariner's game before we head out to plant our seeds.
flash forward....we went out! i didn't even warm up or get to finish reading the magazine, we just went for it and now i am back to tell the tale. to be honest, i would have sat inside and read and warmed all day...maybe even a nice bath. but the kids wanted to get out and get started. and since this is MY thing :) i had to join them!
My neighbor Megan was out there thinning her vegetables that had sprouted, making sure each plant had room to grow. and lucky me...i got to use some
of hers, so now i have rows of starts as well as seeds. She gave us lettuce and kale. and we planted seeds....small yellow tomatoes, zucchini, kale, snow peas, and rainbow chard. we also had a basil plant that levi brought home from school and i put next to the tomatoes...i heard somewhere that they grow well together. here is a picture of our plot.
The seeds we bought are from a local washington company, Uprising Seeds, in Bellingham. They specialize in seeds that thrive in our region, and are 100% organic and non-GMO. i put a link on our "places our blog has taken us" list...if you want you can buy seeds on line from them.
well...alas, my screaming child needs my attention. he is "bored." as always. dear god, please help me find the strength to be his mother. i think levi needs bikram yoga!

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