Saturday, May 15, 2010


here they are!  my cuties.  the peas are so sturdy and thick.  the kale, more delicate and clumped together, so there will need to be some thinning out after they grow a bit more.  i didn't get a shot of the zucchini, but now just the next morning, they are really coming up and i think i may have one tomato!  i am totally amazed.  you put a little seed in the dirt and a plant grows and then you can eat it!  it brings a child-like awe to my life, to my mind...and to my face, as i sit pondering it with an open jaw and wide eyes.

i started Food, Inc. last night.  inspiring.  informative.  and much like the book i am the Defense of Food...sparking the motivation to make more changes in the way i gather my food and what i choose to eat.  i have always been one that wants to make these choices, but i find excuses why i can't.  like money, time, and certain burger and fries cravings.  but i am determined to do it again, make a commitment to healthy eating, to knowing where my food is coming from, more importantly.  i mean, it is truly a miracle...a beautiful thing to witness, the growing of food.  or in the case of meat, a life has been given for your nourishment.  and in the spirit of reverence for those acts of nature, i would like to be more responsible and more conscious about what i purchase as food.

so tonight we will finish the documentary.  and this week, i am going to try to make it to Central Cinema for a screening of a movie, Fresh.  another food documentary.  it is showing tuesday and another night, I'll get back to you about what the other night is.  Dina, a night out, perhaps?

ok, at long plants!

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