Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What to say?

Good Morning,
Not really sure what to write about....my plants look happy and peaceful.  They are growing and I think we should have some yummy tomatoes before long.  Did I mention that I don't like tomotoes :)..oh well the girls think it is great to watch them grow.  So that is about all in my garden world.  It is fun...and really something I would have never done.  I am looking forward to my date with Melissa to see the movie...to be really honest I have no idea what the movie is...just have not had two seconds to figure it out but I am sure it will be great.  I am just happy to see Melissa :)

Wow..that was some exciting info.  Really..things are crazy at my house.  Just got back from seeing my baby sister Erin graduate from WVU.  How fun to be back in Morgantown..it is so different but yet so much the same.  The trip helped Ian and I reconnect and we needed that.  Felt nice to be back where it all started and fun to show the kids.  We were such babies when we met...we have really grown up together.  Living in Switzerland will allow us some much needed family time..traveling around Europe, navigating a new city, and well just being together.  We are moving in 6 weeks and I am feeling the crunch.  Working on getting the house rented, car sold, cleaning out the garage, working on Visa applications, and getting ready to return in two weeks to look for a house.  So many changes.... Here is a picture from our trip!

I guess that is it for now...I will try today to be as peaceful as my plants. I feel like this experience will help me grow right with my tomatoes.


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