Sunday, May 2, 2010

moving on...sorta

wow...who knew i would have loved bikram yoga that much! not i. and i am so, so thankful for this adventure with Dina, or else i might not have tried it right now. i finished off yoga month feeling successful. there were only 4 days during the month that i did not go to class or do the video at home...but chances are i read about it or talked about it all day to anyone who would listen! :) there wasn't all the guilt i carried around during painting month or during the dancing class...when i would go to bed and feel horrible that i didn't paint or practice that day. the days i could not do yoga were simply because the day was so busy, i could not get to class. that will be the challenge i foresee going forward with fitting into the studio's schedule, and it fitting into mine. but i am going to keep going. i know in the past Dina said she wasn't going to keep doing anything, just move on to the next, with a clean break. i am choosing to hold onto the yoga. i just do no want to let it go!
and now onto May!!!!!
yesterday was May Day...a festival at the kids school. it was beautiful. we gather early and everyone makes crowns of flowers to wear and we make a procession down to the may pole. each class does a dance and some weave the ribbons around the may pole. then there is food and games, and everyone's favorite...the cake walk. and best of all, it did not rain!
so, I did that and did not begin my monthly passion search. today though, i will begin. i have a bed out in front of our apartment building, a raised bed. i'd say it is around 3'x8'. it reminds me, i once read an article by someone that grows their own food and he said that if you have a plot as big as your dining room table you can grow enough food for...oh, i don't know. but basically, if i have a plot the size i have, i can grow a good amount of food. now i have to figure out what to grow. what will we eat? what grows really good here? how much maintenance does each vegetable or herb require? i'll take any and all opinions.
my family's opinion...(the ones that are here right now)
Jamie "cucumbers"
Tallulah "purple cabbage, broccoli, and salad."
Lily "strawberries, carrots, peas, kale, and cucumbers."
Me "kale, collard greens, cilantro, and sun gold tomatoes."
Levi isn't here, so I'll ask him tomorrow.
time to get digging, go buy some good soil and seeds....and well, first do some research on what to do. cause, actually, i have no idea. but i can be the kin of person that just goes and does it the way i think it would be, and hope it works. :) we'll see if i do it that way, or actually try to learn something today! but really, i would still learn something about growing food, it jsut might take a few seasons to do it trial by error style....

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