Sunday, May 23, 2010

last week of

so, today being sunday, i did my weekly menu plan.  it has been feeling so good to be back into our food.  i have a say in what we eat and how it is made...not just running out here and there to get whatever is quick.  oh, and this week i did choose to take the kid's taste into consideration, a little.  so, here is what we have on our plates for this week.  in case you're wondering,  i only plan dinners...lunches come together pretty easily with leftovers and pb&js. and breakfasts are not that involved since we are getting ready for school in the morning, mostly cereal...although we have been having waffles pretty often these days.  not as much clean up when you use a waffle iron, so it can be done pretty easily before school.  here's the menu plan...
Sunday (tonight):  grilled veggie salad, grilled chicken with mango-sesame marinade, cream of broccoli soup and strawberry-rhubarb crisp for dessert.  (it was so good!)
Monday:  pesto pasta and white bean tomato salad
Tuesday:  corn fritters and green bean salad
Wednesday:  asian noodle salad with chicken and sugar snap peas (using leftovers from sunday)
Thursday:  curried lentils and cauliflower
Friday:  white pizza with sage, slow roasted tomatoes, and asparagus with peas and green onions
(and one night i'll make an apple tart.)

i didn't get to the farmer's market today.  unfortunately.  there was yoga with jamie in the morning (we are both still loving it! and loving each other more as a result.  it is great to have a common interest that also inspires you in all areas of life), then levi had all-star practice (i am so proud of him!) and i went to the grocery store while he was there.  so i only had time to go to the co-op.  but we will still get our box from the farm this week and our co-op tries to keep as much local stuff as possible.

as far as the garden goes, it has been pretty hands off this week.  we have had rain for a while now, so not needing to water.  later this week i will need to be putting up some things for the sprawling and climbing veggies to use.  i bet friday, lets hope for sun!  i can also use that day to thin the kale and chard.  anyone want some starts? :)  it'll be fun to menu plan around my own garden one day!

i also saw a book at the co-op that i want to get.  just didn't have the extra money today.  it is called Food Not Lawns by HC Flores.
 you can buy your own copy here and here is another link to a website with great info
it looked great and we could really use more and more and more people growing their own food.  and it is more than possible, no matter where you live.  and if you create a community around it, it shouldn't cost too much.  look, i have free starts for the taking and so did my neighbor.  and don't forget the weeds!  dandelion, chicory, red clover....can be great food or medicine!  you know, i just realized that i think the Food Not Lawns is a relation to the organization Food Not Bombs.  I ran into Food Not Bombs when we were traveling.  in People's Park in Berkeley, CA they would set up and feed anyone that showed up.  and we would show up and get good vegan food, and we went once and helped them cook the food as well.  i never knew much about their philosophy or ethics, but i think i will continue this thread and see what its all about and how the two are connected.

ok, so i gotta go and soak my beans for the cannellini salad tomorrow night.

oh and just for and my girls had our first ever "girls night out" last night.  we painted our nails and got kinda fancy...we all had on cowgirl boots, super cute, especially because both lily and tallulah's were pink.  and we went to central cinema, the place i saw the food movie.  we saw Back to the Future and it was sooooo fun!  this blog is taking me places i might not have tried and i am loving that!


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