Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New York City Baby!!

I leave tomorrow for the big NYC and super excited. My wonderful friend Mel is getting married and this is her girls weekend. I am excited for the fun and weekend away in a place I have not been in forever! This is the most organized weekend should totally see the schedule that they put together..amazing! Oh I love a schedule :)! So..that means my yoga month is going to end today. I thought about doing some in NY but Mel's response....I am not doing slow punishment for 90 minutes so I am going to take that as a no. Fine with me...we will go to her gym or walk around the city since it should be nice out. Yoga month has been filled with ups and downs for me and to be honest I am ready to get back to my regular routine and add this in from time to time. I have learned so much about myself and often don't really appreciate things about myself but this I do...I am ok with the fact that maybe this is not for me and I am totally not going to force it. Melissa is right about living in the present. The only issue is my present right now is nuts and I really am struggling to keep it together. My work and this move may push me right over the edge. The only way I am doing this is to picture my future of being in Geneva..I know it will be crazy also but the picture in my head is calmer :). Some would say do yoga it will calm you..ahh no thanks I will work out and drink coffee..sounds more fun to me :)! I guess it is NYC or bust! See you all when I return. We will plant something! xxoo-Dina

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