Monday, April 5, 2010

obsession or possible passion?

so, it is all yoga all the time in my mind. ever since i tried the bikram yoga, i think about it all day. i am more aware of taking care of myself thoughout the day, of what i put into my body, of how much water i drink. i think about how i am going to fit it into my schedule everyday. i think about how in the world could i ever afford this if i do want to keep doing it! cause holy is pricey.
but let me backtrack. my last post i was all into how awesome i felt after yoga, and i did. it was a beautiful, peaceful high. so, i also posted that i was going to watch the mountaineers game. sadly, they lost. we watched the game at our close friend's house, had dinner there. super fun. i had two beers, pizza and salad. i was really hungry and i think i ate too much. and should not have had the beers. i was so so so sick that night. piercing headache. threw up. couldn't sleep. i was crying and miserable. that yoga was intense, and i think i wasn't used to what it did to my body...i am not used to making sure i put healthy things into my body. and i am guessing after the very first yoga experience like that, i needed to.
so the next morning, i had plans to go to yoga at 8am. i still had a bit of a headache. i was tired. i wanted to go, but wasn't sure i could do it. i ended up meeting dina at her place in bellevue, and going for it. it felt great. i felt so much better afterwards. no headache. and yesterday, even though i was at another close friend's house for easter dinner...i didn't drink wine, and i only had the veggies at dinner. and i drank lots and lots of water. i went to bed feeling good and now here i am in the morning...still feeling great.
i am hopefully going for day 3 of hot yoga with dina again this evening...a night class at 8:30pm. it will not be finished til 10pm. sounds late. i have been in bed before that the past few nights! and even though it is quite a workout, i don't think i'll be worked up afterwards, i think i'll come home and be able to go right to bed.
so...rodney, i'll be back and thanks for being there when i need you. but for now, as long as i can work it into my schedule, i will be leaving you for bikram yoga in that hot steamy room. i really love the heat.
good monday to you all!

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