Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Life by Miss Tallulah

By Amy Baranski

Miss Tallulah.
Earlier this month when I was not bowling, I was hanging out with Miss Tallulah, Melissa's youngest, drawing pictures with crayon.

She was playing the teacher and I was the student. Miss Tallulah would tell me what to do, sometimes sweetly, sometimes with a gale force wind. I crammed myself into a small desk, and I mean small people, and got to work, hoping I'd be spared detention.

First was math. Then was drawing.

After I completed my math assignment (which I decided would be to write the number six in numerous ways) I started on a portrait of my teacher. This required me to look up at her every now and then. Tallulah saw me doing this and scrunched up her nose. "Wait. What are you doing?"

I told her I was drawing and continued. She eventually got up to check my progress and said, under her breath, "That's pretty good."

"Sometimes she gets real tired." --Miss Tallulah.

I finished coloring in the lines of her jumper and she swiftly grabbed the paper from my desk. She studied it intently and opened her eyes a tad wider. "Wow, there's a lot of ways to make six."

I love playing teacher student!

Miss Tallulah decided to draw my  portrait. Her first attempt ended up a crumpled ball on the floor. The second however made it to my refridgerator, and now to this blog.
Yes, the older I get the more I look like a pirate.


Anonymous said...

My granddaughter is adorable in person or drawn with crayon. Amy, you're cute too!!

Amy Baranski said...

She is a peach! Thanks!