Sunday, June 19, 2011

Urban Achievers - So very proud we are of all of them

posted by Melissa
Happy Fathers Day!!!!

Everyone with their Wedge/Ryan "Moose"-stache.
We started the day with yet another attempt at making it to Maltby for the All-Star games.  This time by 8:00am.  And this time with an extra 11 year old girl.  It was a rainy drive, and about 3 minutes before we arrived at the field I got an email on my smart phone that the games were cancelled again.  I hesitated telling everyone since we were so close and if we showed up, at least the coach would see that we were on time, yet again.

I did speak up, my consciousness not allowing my to lie when I was soon to be asked what I was looking at my phone for.  Jamie didn't believe me.  He said I was pulling "an Uncle Ian" and pulling everyone's leg.  I denied that.  He was even more convinced.

We pulled into the Maltby Fields and sure enough, there was Coach Ken waiting for us to inform my husband that the games were indeed cancelled, again.  I was secretly happy that the coach saw that, had the game been on, we were on time.  Again.  If we had made a U-turn when I saw the email, no credit would have been due to the Baumgarts.

We decided at that point to make it to the Mariner's game for father's day.  Turns out the cheapest tickets were $60.00 today.  We had us and 2 extra kids, bringing the total without food and beer to $420.00.  Yes, I did just pass my math class.  And no, I don't think that is in the Baumgart's budget.

So, Jamie had the great idea to bring the game to the Baumgarts.  We set up our apartment all stadium style.  We tried to create bleachers, that didn't work.  But we did make a snack seller carrier and fake money for everyone to spend.  We had a board with our prices for hot dogs, beer, root beer and the all important Mariner's food "Rally Fries."  We decorated the TV armoire with Mariners regalia and an Ichimeter, that we updated during the game.  He got to #82 hits today.

We even had a shell game with some bowls and a fuzeball ball during a commercial, just like on the jumbo screen during the breaks.  We sold candy and had a raffle for a Mariner's jersey.  It was a super fun afternoon.  And best of all, the Mariners WON!  We took the series and beat the best team in baseball!!!!

T.J. is quite a natural at the plate.  We are signing her up next year!
Then after that we all headed down to Miller park to play our own game of baseball.  We met some other stragglers playing their own games of catch and batting practice; and we asked them to join our clan in a lively game of baseball.  No teams, just one person up at a time, everyone else out in the field.  Everyone was playing together, cheering each other on and having fun.

It was a great time.  All day.  A day I think the kids will always remember.  But who knows about them.  I know I will always remember this Father's Day.  It was a day that Jamie loved and he deserves it.  He is such a good father and works hard for his family.  I love you, Jamie.

Speaking of fathers, thank you Dad, for being a part of who I am today.  For inspiring my love of Math and for talking my ear off when I got in trouble.  I loved your stories, even though at the time, I wished you would just stop talking. :)  And a shout out to my brother, Ian, you are a great dad.  Your girls are  lucky to have you.

So, no bowling today.  But baseball.  All baseball.  All good.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa, What a great Father's Day. I am sure that all will remember. I wish I could have been there to share. Not just because he's my son, Jamie is a wonderful person and a great dad.