Thursday, June 30, 2011

Don't be fatuous, Turkey Jones

Tallulah w/ her bowling pin signed by everyone.
Last Friday we had Tallulah's 6th birthday party.  All I heard all month was how excited she was, "Mama, I am so glad you have a blog.   Cause you take us bowling and I get to have a bowling birthday party."  This effusive declaration was usually accompanied with a hug and some tag-line like "You're the best!"

Then I run into my friend at the kid's school, and she says, "So, I hear you're making Tallulah have a bowling birthday party because of your blog."

"What?" I ask laughing.

"Yea, I asked Tallulah about her party and she said all serious that she was having it at a bowling alley, cause of 'my Mom's blog' while she rolled her eyes."  Oh, that Tallulah!  She can really work a crowd.

So, yes, we did have a bowling birthday party at West Seattle Bowl.  And yes, she did love it...whether I made her have it or not.  We had three lanes filled with little kids and adults, all bowling, eating pizza and cupcakes and looking like they were having a pretty good time.  I even bowled a turkey!

Speaking of turkeys (can you believe that was my nickname in high school...Turkey Jones.  Or Crazy Legs Turkey.  We even had a song and dance.  Don't ask.)  Anyway, back to bowling turkeys.  Last Wednesday at Quartermania down at Imperial Lanes (we have been going every week), me, Amy and Bob all rolled a turkey!  A turkey is when you get three strikes in a row.  It was one super sweet night of bowling with all my our scores soaring high in the hundreds, and for me, a one and only event.

Last night at Quartermania, I totally sucked.  I got 104 the first game and said to Amy and Bob, "Well, at least now when I have a bad game, I still break a hundred."  I was so wrong.  The following two games I don't think I even hit 60.

It all went downhill right when this little 6 year old started bowling next to us.  His name: Poo Poo Head.  Turns out his real name was Elijah, but that's what it said up there on the screen, Poo Poo Head.  PPH for short.  He had to come to work with his Mom and she let him get some bowling in, and he wasn't half bad.  He scored higher than me.  I know, as cute and distracting as he was, it was not his fault that I sucked last night.  We all know it was the lesbian love triangle on the lane to the left.

And I had to leave before I found out who she picked.

Now go out and bowl, order yourself a white russian, come home and watch the Big Lebowski one last time, for Bowling month!


sophanne said...

That Tallulah...

Today we watched Drew Barrymore in a movie and I was surprised to see a resemblance.

Melissa Baumgart and Amy Baranski said...

I could see that. Once, in college, I had three people in one week tell me I looked like Drew Barrymore. Just that one week. Weird.