Friday, June 10, 2011

The bums will always lose!

That is Lily, right after he nailed a split and scored herself a spare!
posted by Melissa
What to do when your five year old is whining and you have 45 minutes left til your son get done with his All-Star baseball practice?

Go Bowling, of course!

Me, Lily and Tallulah got a quick game in down at Imperial Lanes this evening.  I bowled my best game yet for the month, 121.  I know, it isn't stellar, but it is my best. (And the bumpers were up, they don't have the kind that can pop up for the younger players and go down for the big people.  But I didn't use them, I swear.)

There it is, my high score.
Now last night, that was a different story.  It was Amy's birthday bash at the Garage.  She reserved two lanes and had drinks and food and we got to bowl for four hours.  It was super fun, and I am sure Amy, the birthday girl herself, will fill everyone in on the festivities.  But I should confess about my own personal defeat.  Both in the light of prize winning, and in my own high held winning stature (in my head.)

I started out strong.  And people noticed.  Jason, the guy I was following in the line up, was pretty good.  And after those first two frames, he was feeling like he just might have some serious competition.  Well, from the third frame on, and for the next two games, I quickly nosedived and displayed my true bowling colors.  I sucked even more than usual.  Perhaps even bowling a game less than 50.

Needless to say, I did not win first prize (a lovely vintage bowling bag, filled with Miller High Life & pretzels and a gift card to the Garage.)  No, I didn't win that awesome prize.  Nor did I win second or third.  I kept throwing the ball to the right.  And I didn't have small thumb holes or anything to blame it on.  I had nothin.

But what I did have for today was a little bit of schooling.  I watched this you tube video, a bowling tutorial of sorts.  I only watched the beginning, but it improved my game already.  Today I started farther back, gave myself more room to make bigger steps toward the line.  It was awkward at first, but I got much better scores.  So here's the video, and I'll watch the rest too.  Maybe by the end of the month, I'll break 200!


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