Saturday, January 30, 2010

The List!

Sorry for the late list post it was a late night. Melissa and I had a great time last night. We went to dinner, a great comedy show to see Kathy Griffin, and back to the house to hang out. It was a great night! So...Here it is!
February- Painting (Dina's List)
March- Learning the "Single Ladies Dance"- Yes that is right...from the Beyonce video. There is a class in Seattle and we are going to learn :) (Melissa's List)
April-Yoga (Dina's List)
May- Growing our own food garden (Melissa's List)
June-Dressmaking- Make something that we will wear (Melissa's List)
July- Writing ( Melissa's List)
August- Reading music-playing a song on an instrument (Dina's List)
September- Eating and Learning about a Vegan Diet (Dina's List)
October- Salsa Dancing (Dina's List)
November-Scrapbooking (Dina's List)
December-Drumming (Melissa's List)
January- Meditation Shambhala Training (Melissa's List)
So Painting starts on Monday! Tell us what you think....
Dina xxoo


Tinny said...

Looking forward to reading about your adventures! Enjoy the painting and be sure to post pictures of your artwork!

Good luck with that!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. I am looking forward to your comments and ideas as you proceed with your journey. You inspire me.

becky said...

will you be painting with watercolors or oil?

Tammi said...

Loving it.......esp the Single Ladies dance. Will you be posting a video blog?!?!! I'm with you on the painting......just wondering what the "rules" are.......that you take a class? that you paint daily? how's it gonna work, bc I'm following in your footsteps here. Lead on and leave a blazing trail!!!

Nikki said...

Where's the karaoke?? ;-) We'll just have to do that on the side when you're not busy doing ALL of those other AWESOME things! Way to go on your lists. Very impressed with you ladies. I second the video post of the Single Ladies dance. ;-)

Good Luck With That said...

No rules...Tammi just do something different for you! I need you for the painting one. I am off to the craft store this afternoon to see what inspires me..but I think we are planning to take a class and yes paint as much as you can..I am going to try for daily :)! I will have to think about the single ladies video..not sure that I would make you watch that..could have a lasting negative impact :). I will blog later..after the paint store.xxoo-Dina