Sunday, January 24, 2010

Melissa's first post

so, today i am just getting used to the whole blog site thing. i am not all that computer literate, but can sorta figure stuff out along the way. i am getting excited to make my list of 6 things to try. oddly, i don't have a flow of ideas coming to me. i feel like i haven't totally opened myself up to it. i mean, in life the age of 37...i have come across plenty of things that i thought were going to be "it" for me. i get very into whatever the newest thing is and then the excitement fades. not that i am regretting learning astrology, herbal medicine, becoming a doula, living on the is just that i wonder where this journey will take me. to dedicate a month to something is different than these past interests. i would maybe study once a week, if i was lucky. this will be everyday...or at least that is my intention. my oldest daughter says..."you're not really going to do this, you know." and part of me wonders if she is right. do i have it in me to keep up with this. i think it will be good for me in so many ways. it will give me focus. right now i have a ton of things i "should" be doing. this will distill all my many desires into one thing, for that month.
now onto starting my list. and what will Dina pick? we are so different. we will be exposed to such different things by agreeing to not say no to the others list. we are going out to dinner this coming friday...and there we will reveal our picks. the plan is to bring them on little strips of paper and put them in a hat or something and pick them out one by one...thereby randomly deciding the order. oh, i get to pick the restaurant too. any suggestions?
can't wait....

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Well I'm intrigued!!