Saturday, January 30, 2010

about last night

ok, i think i'll stop soon with the eighties media references. but why?
so, last night was really fun...with a few spurts of cranky from me. i was just being a little whiny at times...body image issues and not getting what i want issues. i feel like a teenager. perhaps, hence, the eighties constantly coming up. lord please, by the time i am 40 could i please just learn how to handle these two issues with grace.
Kathy Griffin was really funny, i didn't think i would like her as much as i did.her bits about her drunk mom were hilarious. and after seeing her, i don't feel like i watch too much tv. maybe not enough! is the link to see if she is coming to a city near you. she is also in seattle again tonight if you are local.
Tango is the restaurant we dined at before the show...and where we did our big list reveal. the food was SOOOOO good. so, let me say that I tend to get crappy service, bad seating, and always feel like i could have picked a place that has better food or better atmosphere. Tango was not like that at all for me. our server was really sweet, authentically. and like i said the food was really good. it is a tapas place, so we each picked 2 dishes. Dina picked the Croquetas de Papas (Crispy horseradish-potato croquettes, smoked tomato jam, Cotija cheese) and Queso Fundido (Baked Mahon cheese with herbs, smoked sausage, apples, crostini---quite possibly our favorite dish of the night!) i picked Green Beans & Harissa (Pan roasted green beans and tomatoes, pinenuts, harissa) and Carnitas del Puerco (Chili and cinnamon spiced pork, salsa verde, tortillas---also a top runner for fave of the night for me.) we are still talking about how good it was. i also had a drink named the Empress....tequila & ginger...mmmmm. and i love the name. reminds me of the tarot deck. the empress in tarot (according to Angeles Arrien in the Tarot Handbook...great book to go with the toth deck) so, the Empress comes to you when there is movement toward balancing emotions, a time to nurture the self...and is a highly creative time. perfect. and i didn't even order it, i asked for the bartender's favorite tequila drink. we recommend you check out tango sometime.
ok...finally the list! i love love love it. we picked some similar themes.
so first is painting. this is one that i actually had on my list, but it got cut. i am envisioning doing both oil painting and watercolor. we start the painting on monday!! i will need to re-up my supplies...i haven't really painted since i was pregnant with lily in 1999. so, i bet the ole paints are a bit dry. i wonder what time of day is going to be best, most creative. maybe I'll do the morning pages (writing 3 pages of stream of consciousness first thing in the morning to get all that crap out of your hear so creativity can flow from the source directly, instead of meandering through all that crap) and then paint, or paint at night after the kids are in bed. take a break from my dear tv. we'll see.
well, more on the other list items later. but let's just say...i cannot get the single ladies song out of my head...and i may start watching the video every day, just to get ready!
peace, melissa

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