Sunday, January 24, 2010

working on the list

...and nothing else apparently! funny i cannot seem to come up with a lot of ideas, i have really good reasons why everything won't work. but i can think and think. and not make dinner. and not put my kids to bed. ok, i did make impromptu pasta alfredo with spinach. i know it has a fancier name, but i can't think of it. it was so good. even though i am not supposed to be eating wheat or dairy. ugh. but seriously delicious.
youngest to bed. middle one next. then the oldest...she never wants to go to bed. and all the while so distracted by thinking on this list. should i put something even if i am sorta afraid of it? should i put something even though i may have tried it before but never gave it my all? should i put something even if it might be dangerous? should i put something even if it might be boring? lots of questions tonight. maybe i should ask my dreams to give me an answer.
"dear subconscious....what might i love to do?"

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Anonymous said...

You are so Type A personality like me!! The more I do, the more I want to do. So, here are some of my passions away from work, kids, house, etc....I played golf for Marc when my kids were little like yours but now I am addicted (like most things I do!),also addicted to body pump which is lifting weights to a routine to music, mahj, conasta, girls night out, reading on my kindle, knitting blankets, book club, and watching reality tv. Can't wait to see what you come up with. This is the first blog that I have read or responded to. Go girl!