Monday, January 25, 2010

strike one

one of my ideas was shot down today. turns out you need basic health insurance to participate. and i don't have that. bummer. i do think i have two others that happen to share a theme. and in that, i am learning more about myself just by making the list. today i heard from a friend that a good exercise to discover your hidden, biggest dreams for yourself is to write for 5 minutes...pen not leaving the paper...about what your dreams are for yourself. then wait five minutes and do it again. and then maybe repeat, i can't remember because i think my youngest child had begun to demand my attention. she said that by doing so, you can uncover what you keep from yourself because your everyday mind just cannot let you even think you might be capable of certain things. i mean, really, what if we let ourselves dream as big as we want? like anything is possible. maybe i'll try that. xoxomelissa


Good Luck With That said...

not sure about the health insurance thing...scary Melissa~

Melissa Baumgart said...

don't worry, dina. a few broken bones or bruises won't kill us! :) just kidding. love you! -melissa

jamie said...

intriguing. is that how you spell that word? what could it be that you need healthcare for? ooo, i know, going to the dr.'s. that's something that you haven't done in so long its probably a whole new experience!