Tuesday, January 26, 2010


damn allergies. hopefully this passion will help me not be so susceptible to these allergies. oh right, maybe all that wheat and dairy i had the other day. right. so, today was a crappy day. another call from school about the boy, fight with the husband, no available cardio machine at the gym. feels weird to complain on here. but this is life...sometimes it is crappy. i am not one to not be real about things. but the real reason for me complaining about having a crappy day is that i wonder if once i have this creative outlet that brings me joy...i wonder if having that will help me not be so bothered by the crappy parts of life. cause they aren't going anywhere. people are going to be mean sometimes. kids are going to not listen and get in trouble at school...at least mine will! Sometimes you look around and your life doesn't look anything like you thought it would. i am presently watching Breakfast at Tiffany's. some guy did this history of the movie before it started. i had no idea that Holly Golightly was a prositute in Capote's novel. all these years of thinking i knew her...and i never actually read the book to know more. (and i get that some of you probably deduced that from the movie alone...sadly, i admit, i did not have that keen observation) so, not an intended analogy, but that is what i am going for. ha. not being a prostitute, don't get nervous, Dina! i just mean that even if i pick something that i have done before, maybe in the past I didn't learn interesting details, or go deeper into the meaning and background. that is my plan. to learn more about each part of the list, mine and hers. aw...isn't Audrey Hepburn so beautiful as Holly? onto the movie...enjoying my free time while it lasts! good night...melissa

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