Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i'm not thanking no one

of course, Dina has a point. other people are going to be picking up some of the slack i will leave behind. i do intend on keeping up with the way things are, but maybe just not adding extra things as i go along this path. i'll still be auction volunteer coordinator at the kids school, i'll keep being class parent this year...but i will not take on any new responsibility this coming year. i actually like the idea of that. i love to do a lot for everyone, i love to take care of people, i love to help out with everything...and i have come to
a place where i feel the need to go within. give to myself. as exhausting a
s this endeavour may sound at times, there is a simplicity that it inherently holds. one thing. every month. i am already exhausted. this is a search to fill me up with reserves, the kind of reserves that come from the source, the ever giving fire that brings creativity to everyone if we tap into it. tappa tappa tappa (sorry, a favorite simpsons quote) i wish i had tappa tappa tappa. well, now i do. thanks jamie...thanks lily, levi and tallulah...thanks everyone that supports me by listening to all m
y processing of life at work and at school...thanks mom...thanks Olivers...thanks dina. ok, now i feel like i am standing on stage at the flipping oscars or something, and i feel a little ridiculous.
ps. my list is starting to take shape....
(photos are of Grammy and the kids...and then jamie on guitar)


Good Luck With That said...

I am so happy to be doing this with you Melissa! I think that picture of Jamie is perfect since it is kinda what made me start thinking about this. So I will send a big Thanks to you for being my partner in this and to Jamie for making me feel like finding something I love is an important thing to do!- Yay for Friday! Dina

Tammi said...

I agree with you Meliisa that it is easy to get caught uo in costantly doing things for others. And i think that as a wife and mom we tend to feel guilty and selfish about doing things simply for our own benefit. I agree with Dina that although making the time for this endeavor may prove tricky, it will ultimately make you a better person, and therefore a better wife and mother in the long run. I'm tagging along for the ride!