Friday, April 2, 2010

Yoga Day 1...

so really I think yesterdays hot yoga class was one of the hardest things I have ever done..I said that to Melissa but she reminded me about birth and well she is right so I think it will be the second hardest thing I have ever done. I feel like I am in pretty good shape but the heat and trying to breathe etc made it really difficult. The teacher talked about keeping your breath and mind calm and that will help regulate your temp..she is right I think at anytime you could easily start to panic and well that would not be a good thing. I am really not trying to be gross but I did not think my body could produce so much kids thought I went swimming...does that tell you something. My goal for yesterdays class was to make it the whole time in the room and do what I can and well that is my goal for today with maybe add a bit more participation when I can. I think if I continue I will make nice improvements by the end of the month. I can not believe I am going to go back today..just that thought makes me want to think of an was that hard for me. but NO I am going...this could turn into something for know kinda like a passion. Something that I could add into my world and always work to improve is kinda still and yet active all at the same time. I will say...thank you Jesus that I have lost some weight..if not I really may have died yesterday :). Day 2 starts at 10am...going to drop the girls at a kids play place in Issaquah and meet my friend Lindsay for class. Wish me luck people...lots of luck! xxoo-Dina

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