Tuesday, October 5, 2010

salsa time.

so...on Friday we went salsa dancing.  it was really fun there at the century ballroom...i just love the old building and ornate details around the dance floor.  first we went to dinner at the tin table, it was soooo good.  we had oxtail ravioli for an appetizer and then we shared roasted veggies.  i ordered the steak frites with blue cheese sauce....so not vegan or coming off my cleanse in a gentle way!  Jamie had the pork tenderloin.  it was all delicious.  here is a link to their website, the Tin Table.

then the dancing.  i was nervous.  the lady that taught us split the room into two...the leads and the followers.  there were lots more followers, lots of ladies.  we learned the basic steps...back step one two, bring that foot back to center three hold four.  then front step five six bring that foot back to center seven hold eight.  over and over and over again.  then we learned how to put a couple spins in there.  next she had us get in a big circle....leads on the outside and the followers rotated around the room trying the dance with different leads.  a little uncomfortable at first and with some of the guys, but overall, not too bad.

after a half and hour of practice....the music started and so did the real dancing.  some people had been doing this for years and then some, like me and jamie, were there for the first time.  overall jamie and i did pretty good.  we mastered the basic steps, I think.  and we got one of the spins down.  the other three moves we learned never quite sunk in for us...but we have all month.  the plan is to go once a week, and start lessons toward the end of the month when the session starts.  and jamie really loved the dancing.  so, i think he had a good birthday night out!

i came off the cleanse with a bang....of bread and cheese and everything else!   i even topped my dancing night off with a slice of pizza.  i called it dessert...and boy was it goooood.  from Big Mario's on Pike.  it was perfect.  crispy crust, thin...light sauce with the right amount of cheese, not too much but just enough.  folded in half and held with a paper plate, it made my night.  oh, that cripsy crust.  mmmmm  and then my belly hurt real bad.  real bad.  i went to bed regretting my pizza choice physically, but certainly not emotionally.  i think i want some tonight.

well...i have been in a funk, so haven't been blogging the past few days.  i guess maybe you all don't mind hearing me complain, but i feel like i tend to not want to blog in that state....but that's life, it's not all fucking roses people.  i know, big shocker.

til next time...

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